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Our Patriots

Our Patriot ancestors were the men and women with the courage and commitment to found a new republic. They were willing to risk their lives, and their fortunes, to persevere through eight long years of war in order to defeat the mightiest army on earth. From big cities and small towns, they were local militia members and Continental soldiers in Washington’s Army, drummer boys and camp wives, civilian officials and spies, coming together to achieve American Independence. 


Each DAR member can trace her family lineage to one or more of these ancestors. Each of the many Patriot ancestors listed on this page are related to a current member of the Independence Hall Chapter of the DAR.

Image by Jon Sailer

Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country. ”

- George Washington

Our Patriots


Click on the state to view a list of Patriots our members have established lineages.  Please note, our members do not have Patriot ancestors from the state of Delaware and Rhode Island yet!  Vermont is between New York and New Hampshire (not listed on this map, but a link is there).

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